getting tattooed

Can I get tattooed at the Convention?

Yes you can, that’s what it’s all about! We encourage you to browse the work of the 100 invited tattooers who offer a massive variety of styles.

Head to our Instagram or Artists page on the website to see them all.

Do I need to book my tattoo?

Conventions have a WALK-UP culture. You just walk up to an artist on the spot. Most of the tattooers will have space to tattoo you. However, if you have your heart dead set and want to be sure your favorite artists will have time, you can pre- book by contacting them directly via our website Artist page. The best time to pre-book is from about a month before the event.

If you don’t get a response (as the tattooers are often traveling) we encourage you to buy a weekend pass, show up as early as the doors open and chat to the artist, as they usually will make time for you at some point on the weekend. Plus, with 100 tattooers to choose from you will be spoilt for choice and may just fall in love with something you did not expect!

Do I have to buy a ticket to get tattooed?

Yes, you do. Your convention ticket gives you access to the massive weekend we put together, meeting all the tattooers, watching 6 live bands, shopping at our outdoor goods market, a beer tent with 3 different local food trucks, and incredible views from the deck (perfect for a cocktail or two). We also serve the best coffee & donuts!

Does my ticket include a tattoo?


How do I budget for my tattoo?

The SAITC does not quote on any tattoos. This is between you and your artists of choice. Tattooers generally work on the same or similar hourly rate as your familiar and reputable, professional local tattoo shops (R800-R1200 ph). Please note the artist rate can range and this is for you to discuss with them directly. We do provide a safe ATM service on site for you to draw cash.

How does getting tattooed work?

You choose a design, discuss it with your artist, book your spot. When it’s your alloted time, the artists will make and place the tattoo stencil, and after you’re happy with the placement, they will go ahead and start your tattoo.

Does it hurt?

Yes it does a little, but it’ll be worth it.

How do I care for my tattoo?

Please chat to your artist directly for any aftercare advise.